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Rahayu Pakuningratan
Dari surya yang menyinari dunia,
Harapan besar bagi bangsa kami,
Dari tanah kami berpijak,
Negeri yang kami cintai
Kami Berdoa KepadaMu Tuhan,
Untuk menjaga Negeri kami ini,
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Negeriku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pangeranku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pakuningratan
Rakyatmu tak akan Tunduk
Atas mereka yang berani melawanmu
Didera Ombak, Diterjang Musuh
Kami tetap tidak akan Runtuh
Kami Kuat, Atas sumpah persatuan
Tanpa melihat Perbedaan
Rahayu oh Rahayu,
Rahayu Negeriku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pangeranku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pakuningratan
Masa lalu kami lewati
Dengan segala senang dan sulit dalam diri
Masa depan kami junjungi
Setinggi bintang di angkasa bumi
Masa kini kami jalani
Untuk jayanya Bangsa kami
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Negeriku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pangeranku
Rahayu oh Rahayu
Rahayu Pakuningratan
Verse 1:
From the sun that shines the world,
(A) Great hope for our nation
From the ground we stand,
The country (that) we love
We Pray To You Lord,
:iconlordelpresidente:lordelpresidente 0 0
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The Quran DOES NOT Forbid Images Of Muhammad by CaciqueCaribe The Quran DOES NOT Forbid Images Of Muhammad :iconcaciquecaribe:CaciqueCaribe 22 33
Best of the Week 122
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Wanderer by AlexanderKorolev
My Little Prince by EnchantedWhispersArt Untitled by vcxz500 Treasures by Vasylina
Oriental Princess by Lotta-Lotos
Dogs Of War by Dani-Owergoor I Just Need You Now by apanyadong No Title by NaouriRedouane1998
Gateway south by estellium
Moving on by KatZaphire
:iconannewipf:annewipf 30 63
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New Byzantineball
Next NationStates ball, this one is a Anschluss mode of a nation called Iona-Cartha

Not much to tell from lack of detail info.
But Nation is here…
Terre Australieball
Reaaallyy Bored... resort to make NationStates Balls... Enjoy with a Pinch of Salt ^^!

This is Terre Australieball

Wiki is here…

Nation is here…

Also first time using Pen Tablet (WHOOOO!! FINALLY GOT ONE)... to make a signature... tell me what you think :D
Pakuningratan Dhaeng Guard Ceremonial Uniform
This is the Pakuningratan version of Dhaeng Guards. One of many Guard of the Javan Kingdoms. This is their Ceremonial Uniform, and as the Prawirotomo Guard, this is also their field uniform in Napoleonic-Era. A Cavalry-Piping Jacket and stirrup pants with either a Blangkon or "Mancungan" (Vertical Bicorne)

The Guard division was formed when the Mataram Empire needed to supplement the need of a Life Guards, Being Prawirotomo as the Coldstream Guards, Wirabraja as Life Guards of Foot and Bugis Guard as "Blackwatch style" Guards. Along with Bugis Guard, they are men hailed from Sulawesi, whose are very robust and strategically aware men.
In Napoleonic Era, they serve as Horse Grendier Division. Armed with Dragon Musket, Grenade, and They Ride horse to battle. They are expected to be very strong and huge bunch of men as of any Grenadier division and also they must be able to ride and shoot above their horses if needed and their very presence instills the feeling of proudness of soldiers when they are fighting aong with them because of the Military Prowess they show. Because of their prowess and almost ruthless reputation, they are also feared by everyone... even Including Pakuningratan Household Members that they directly protect.

In 1921, They are basically "disbanded" from their duty as a Cavalry Guard, and never to be heard by outside world. But, they are reassigned as a "Covert Draconian operatives" almost similar to Russian Oprichniks and Prussian Death Hussards, Their very presence in Modern Pakuningratan indicates that "something awful will happen" if the Prince orders them around

credits goes to:
for their respective assets used
Alright, just to put things straight. I have been accused of Copying others Artworks for my gun and also accused of "copying" Battlefield 1 Ideas of Guns. So these people has the right to "use fair usage" to use my works WITHOUT MY CONSENT

Here's my claim:

1) Use my Works with MY CONSENT... I've put a lot of work for it... a Little credits of me and the original work link is very appreciated. If not, You have no rights of using my work just because it's used by a Game

2) What I made is NOT anyway affiliated to any Artists. Any similarities of my Work with ANY Entity is purely coincidental.
Unless I put something like "Fallout bla blah", "Battlefield Blah blah" or "GTA V blah blah". (For Context, some of my Pixel Weapons are WW1 actual weapons that, Which I never notice, are used in BF1)

3) Even if the Exception in Claim number 2 applies, does not mean you can use "Fair Share" and claim that "I can use this without crediting you". You still need to ask for MY CONSENT to use it PLUS the Game/Movie/etc maker.

For example:
I made the Fallout 4 Laser Musket,
You need to credit BOTH Bethesda and me.


lordelpresidente's Profile Picture
Rizky Permana "Presidente" A.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied


Currently a Non-defacto but also Non-dejure President of Tropico... Nah I'm just your regular man using regular skills and regular programs to make regular arts...

Really fond of a Flying piece of Cloth/Fabric/Rag/Silk/Textile above a tall pole which has significant meaning to some particular people. And 3D animations

Waiwaiwait! I do have a Nation to lead... though it's a AU wiki job... so... yeah... :p
I am now... or... I am now Playing the Role of the Leader of this Glorious Nation of... sort of... mine...
The Princedom of Pakuningratan…

Descripted me:

Full name: Rizky Permana "Presidente" Aribantala
Place of Birth: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Date of Birth: 31-08-xxxx (No-peeking) ;)
Gender: Male
Others: I'm a Native Javanese who is Proud of my Nation and its culture :D :D

Great People and Friends:
:iconbeastboss: -->> Great man. Makes great In-depth Scenarios by far. Also pretty Inspiring and Up-lifting. :)

:iconarminius1871: -->> A very open and easygoing man and very supportive to others. a Really top-notch man in terms of facts, celestial bodies, and maps, ESPECIALLY MAPS :D

:icondsegno92: -->> A very awesome kind of man, He made my Profile Picture up yonder Open yet Cheerful. Not a lot of them these days :D

:iconcyberclay: -->> Colleague under one College =p. Cool Urban Photos too

And those who Watched me and do occasional supports and contacts :)
Thanks to all of you


Indonesian stamp by lordelpresidente Republic of Tropico Stamp by lordelpresidente Tropico fan stamp by lordelpresidente Mataram Sultanate stamp by lordelpresidente Proud To Be Muslim Stamp by drDIGITALhamodi Stamp - I believe. by avacancy Orwell's stamp by lordelpresidente Animal Farm stamp I by flammingcorn Sided with the NCR by ZhouTaisDayOff Fallout NCR Ranger Stamp by Deathbymodding FALLOUT Stamp by Guso1020 Honest Hearts Stamp by Deathbymodding Yogyakarta Sultanate stamp by lordelpresidente Surakarta Sunanate Stamp by lordelpresidente Principality of Pakuningratan Stamp by lordelpresidente Stamp of The Federal Republic of Makmuria by HonourableArthur Sultan Hamengkubuwono X Stamp by lordelpresidente
Polandball Fan Button by PrussianGala Tropico fan long button by lordelpresidente

My Persona:

Criticism - Stamp by JWiesner I love kawaii by prosaix I laugh at trolls by prosaix Random Kind Comment Stamp by Mirz123 More time... by prosaix Critiques wanted by prosaix Superpowers by prosaix Forgetful by prosaix Freeze- CLMC1 by prosaix Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Checking Messages Stamp by Drake1 I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Favorite Stamp by Ravechu Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman _Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-Runner Slow interwebz by prosaix YOU'RE NOT FUNNY. You're just an asshole. by World-Hero21 Religious and Anti-Religious by NSUberAlles Go on FACEBOOK by Deep-Strike A bad drawer is NOT a bad artist. by Deep-Strike The Gallery Stamp by Busiris History Stamp by WinterJackal Religious Respect Stamp by Dalmins Stamp 10 - Not a terrorist by FullWhiteMoon Nobody Likes Terrorists, Right? by Mintaka-TK Not Religious But.. by Nemo-TV-Champion No Free Candy for u by lordelpresidente Palestine Israel Peace Stamp by AtheosEmanon bloody theocrats by Dametora USSR by Matto-Sakujo Because You Cannot Deny the Past by Mintaka-TK Put Together, They're Recipes For Disaster by Mintaka-TK Pro School Stamp by Darkest-OfTimes Stamp: Especially Where Apostasy Is a Crime by KrisTheTrashLord ''WAAAAH ISLAMOPHOBIA'' by Mintaka-TK Yanno, Those Guys That Are Left-Wing by Mintaka-TK Some Preceptions by lordelpresidente Socialism as an Insult Stamp by Spikytastic Egalitarian by AtheosEmanon Stalin by Akhnaton-II North Korea was awesome? by ZoeyHedgie453 Support those who work for you m8 by lordelpresidente Ruleship stamp by lordelpresidente A Much Needed Stamp by savagebinn

What I understand in written or spoken form:

Indonesian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Javanese language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Australian English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy German language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy British English language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Brazilian Portuguese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Canadian English language level NONE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Tropicalish Language level Expert by lordelpresidente

Stamp: Gallery Button by FlantsyFlan Fave equals applause stamp by dazza1008 Artist Rights by taruto




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